Analysis of China's Wireless Charging Industry Chain in 2018

The wireless charging products can be divided into a receiving end and a transmitting end. The receiving end is mainly composed of a magnetic induction coil, a magnetic material, a chip, etc., and is built in the terminal, which has high requirements for heat dissipation, efficiency, and lightness and thinness. The wireless charging industry chain should include several aspects such as scheme design, power chip, magnetic material, transmission coil, and module manufacturing. The coil profit accounted for about 14%.

Magnetic induction coils currently mainly have two types of high current FPC coils and precision metal coils. The iPhone 8/X receiver adopts the FPC solution. The FPC is light and thin, consistent, easy to assemble, and flexible. However, the electronic conversion efficiency is only 30-40%. If the charging power exceeds 10W in the future, the heat will be very large. Can be replaced by a coil. When the power is increased, the coil can be adjusted by increasing the cross-sectional area, and the cost is lower than that of the FPC. In 2018, the next generation of the wireless charging receiving end scheme of Apple will be converted into a coil.

 The thickness of the FPC+ graphite thermal pad of the iPhone8/X is about 0.3mm. The thickness of the coil solution currently offered by Tony Electronics is 0.083mm, and the charging efficiency is 85%. In the past, the watch coils were designed with a split-layer design. The mobile phone uses a single layer, the material is a very fine alloy wire, and the company masters the winding technology. On the transmitting side, since the iPhone 8/X supports the Qi standard of WPC, the transmitter market is opened to the market. In 2017, Tony Electronics did not participate in the supply of the transmitting coil, and only the connection line of the transmitting end was supplied.

    Another core element of wireless charging is magnetic material. The magnetic material (shield sheet) acts to increase the interference of the induced magnetic field and the shielding coil. The main materials are divided into ferrite and nanocrystal. The iron-based amorphous alloy is composed of 80% iron and 20% SiB metal elements and has a high saturation magnetic induction (1.56T). The iron-based nanocrystalline alloy is an alloy composed mainly of iron elements and added with a small amount of Nb, Cu, Si, and B elements, and is formed into an amorphous state by a rapid solidification process. Previously, Apple used ferrite and Samsung used nanocrystals. Since the charging frequency range in the Qi charging standard is between 100 and 200 KHz, the use of an amorphous, nanocrystalline material as an electromagnetic shielding sheet is superior to ferrite.

    Wireless charging is an important way for smartphones to achieve non-porous and comprehensive waterproofing. At the same time, the scene environment of wireless charging in vehicles and public places is also coming out. With the launch of Apple and Samsung wireless charging products, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO and VIVO are all ready to go. It is expected that 2018 will be the first year of the domestic wireless charging market. NXP expects shipments of electronic devices with wireless charging capabilities to exceed 1 billion by 2020. IHS expects global growth to increase from $1.7 billion in 15 years to $15 billion in 2024, a compound growth rate of 27%.

    Apple's 17Q4 shipments are 77 million units, and annual shipments are expected to be around 210 million units, of which iPhoneX shipments are expected to be 25 million units. In 2017, iWatch shipments are expected to be 17.7 million units, with a market share of 15.3%, ranking first in the world. At the same time, Apple expects to launch its own brand of AirPower, which will be able to charge three devices at the same time in 18 years. The price is expected to be around US$199. Due to the high power (29W) and loosely coupled design, it is expected that each transmitter will use approximately 20 coils. We present a performance forecast for the coil based on the following assumptions:

    1) Mobile phone receiving end: We assume 20 million new models in 2018, 200 million units in 2019, and 50% in Dongni. The price of coils is higher than watches, reaching 4 yuan/piece. ;

    2) Watch: Since the new features may be added in 2018, the unit price will be raised from 1.33 yuan to 2 yuan;

    3) Transmitting end: Since the material and winding requirements of the coil to the coil are lower than the receiving end, there is still uncertainty about whether Tony can supply the transmitting end. We give the elastic prediction of the transmitting end, but it is not included in the final Income split forecast.

We hope to provide more new products to follow the market's need and offer efficient service to our customers.

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